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European organisations call for prioritisation of sustainable food policy

| Thirty-six leading campaign groups, farming organisations, and think tanks, including Zero Waste Europe, have come together to call on the new European Commission President to establish an integrated EU food policy during her premiership.
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Plastic Recyclers confirm first speakers for annual meeting

| The first day of the Annual Meeting will feature the PRE Working Group meetings, where PET, HDPE/PP and LDPE sessions will be open to the public.

Expert platform for circular economy in construction

| With a shared goal of putting circular thinking at the heart of the construction sector, major European construction actors have come together with environmental and standardisation stakeholders to jointly request a comprehensive strategy on circular economy in construction.

“We need to educate people that we are the solution,” insists outgoing BIR President

| Recycling makes an annual contribution of US$ 350 billion to global GDP and this figure is forecast to rise to US$ 500 billion by 2025.

Drop in exports to be expected from new trade rules

| 180 governments adopted the Norwegian proposal to amend the Basel Convention. Now, EU Waste Shipment Regulation must be adapted in order to avoid hindering EU recycling and recovery markets, says FEAD.

Petersberg Climate Dialogue sends signal for joint progress on climate action

| The tenth Petersberg Climate Dialogue (PCD) concluded on Tuesday with a commitment to joint progress on climate action. Previous PCD meetings had focussed on negotiating an agreement and rulebook. The priority at this year’s meeting was implementation.

The UN’s Basel Convention takes significant steps against marine plastics, microplastics and plastic littering

| BIR Trade & Environment Director Ross Bartley has attended marathon meetings of the Basel Convention in Geneva over the last two weeks.

Basel Convention ignores fact that recycling works to help environment

| The Basel Convention Conference of Parties have adopted amendments to the Convention that will impair the trade of recyclable plastics.
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ChemRec Europe publishes position paper on chemical recycling

| In its first position paper, the newly founded association Chemical Recycling Europe addresses some of the most urgent topics that are affecting the chemical recycling of polymers in Europe today.
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FEAD: recycling targets ambitious, but achievable

| In an interview with Mr. Jean-Marc Boursier, president of FEAD, and Group Senior Executive VP in charge of Finance and Northern Europe Recycling & Recovery activities at SUEZ, FEAD explores how he thinks recycling targets can be achieved.

Recycled carbon fuels puts circular economy at stake

| Member States´ rush to regulate ¨Recycled Carbon Fuels¨ within the transposition of the Renewable Energy Directive risks undermining their efforts towards climate change mitigation and the circular economy, warn Zero Waste Europe and Bellona with a joint briefing launched today.
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EERA: High energy batteries pose serious fire ristk to recyclers

| EERA (European Electronics Recyclers Association) calls on all stakeholders to implement ADR rules for the safe collection and transport of WEEE including batteries.

Parliament seals ban on throwaway plastics by 2021

| On Wednesday, Parliament approved a new law banning single-use plastic items such as plates, cutlery, straws and cotton buds sticks.
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FEAD Issues position paper on ecodesign

| One of the key factors in the transition to a circular economy lies in “ecodesign”.