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Report calls for EU-Wide moratorium on waste incinerators

| The EU has a surplus in waste incineration capacities and a moratorium on new incinerators must be considered, urges a new report by the environmental network Zero Waste Europe.

RDF exporters call for level playing field

| The RDF Industry Group has called for the UK government to commit to putting fiscal measures in place to ensure that, under incoming emissions rules in the UK, RDF Exports are subject to equivalent carbon costs to those that will be paid by UK incinerator operators.

A roadmap for boosting waste recycling

| The European Recycling Industries’ Confederation has issued recommendations for an EU circular economy. In it, Euric suggests exploring chemical recycling when no better recycling alternative available.

Report: Paper-based food packaging at the centre of Europe’s waste crisis

| Some of the most regressive actors in the packaging value chain, such as single-use paper packaging producers and McDonald's, have been conducting a massive lobbying campaign to greenwash single user paper as a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics.

EuRIC hails ITRE committee’s adoption of CRMs report as a landmark victory for recyclers

| EuRIC welcomes the ITRE committee’s adoption of the Report on Critical Raw Materials, which reflects the recycling industry’s concerns and recommendations.

Reusable take-away packaging has significant potential to reduce carbon footprint

| Reusable take-away packaging could present a compelling climate case over single-use alternatives if return and washing systems are properly implemented and optimised, according to a new study today from Zero Waste Europe, Reloop, and Tomra.

Zero Waste Europe demands urgent action on fashion frenzy

| A new paper by Zero Waste Europe is demanding a concerted effort by governments to bring the fashion textile sector back in harmony with planetary boundaries, outlining a list of entry points for the transition towards sufficiency.

The consequences elsewhere

| For years, the EU has been working to become more sustainable. The circular economy principle plays an essential role in this endeavour.

Zero Waste Europe: EU failed to rein in emissions in textiles sector

| A recent paper highlights the emissions gap that apparel industry giants will face if no urgent action is taken to prevent overproduction by governments.

Euric supports new ELV directive

| The European Plastic Recycling Branch (EPRB) of EuRIC strongly welcomes the new European Commission proposal setting a recycled content target of 25% for post-consumer plastics into new cars as of 2030 as part of the revision of the end-of-life vehicles (ELV) Directive.

Improving design and end-of-life management of cars

| The European Commission has proposed measures to enhance the circularity of the automotive sector, covering the design, production and end-of-life treatment of vehicles.

Ecodesign: more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products

| On Wednesday, Parliament agreed on its negotiating position for talks with EU governments on a new law to make products in the EU more sustainable.

Euric expresses concern over equating recycling with destruction

| Euric welcomes the adoption of the report on the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR), with 473 votes in favour, 110 against and 69 abstentions, by the European Parliament today.

A new alliance between the waste management and manufacturing industries

| On July 6, FEAD hosted an in-person event, under the title, “How to make the circular economy work? A new alliance between waste management and the manufacturing industries”.

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