Manipulation of national data described as “paradigmatic” of current EU trends

| A Spanish corporation responsible for managing packaging waste in the beverage industry has been discovered manipulating data. Ecoembes claims a 71% separate collection rate for small plastic bottles (2021), but the reality is a dismal 36%.

FEAD calls for circular resources for a European Industrial Deal

| Ahead of the 2024 European elections, FEAD has published its manifesto, calling for circular resources for a European Industrial Deal and proposing the establishment of a Circular Material Use Act.
Martin Kummer; pixelio.de

Waste-to-Energy source of decarbonised district heating supply

| FEAD, CEWEP, Municipal Waste Europe and SGI Europe stress that heat recovered from the thermal treatment of waste (WtE) should be considered as waste heat in the framework of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED).

NGO-Business Coalition welcomes ENVI Committee vote

| On Thursday, the European Parliament's Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) voted in favour of MEP Jutta Paulus' motion for a resolution objecting the draft Commission Implementing Decision on the mass balance approach under the Single Use Plastics Directive (SUPD).

EuRIC hails ENVI’s call to reconsider mass balance method for recycled content calculation in...

| EuRIChails today’s vote in the Parliament’s ENVI committee, in favor of a motion for a resolution opposing the European Commission’s flawed recycled content calculation mass balance method in the Single-Use Plastics Directive (SUPD).

Report: An EU regulatory framework for a low carbon material economy

| Eunomia’s latest report recommends the replacement of the Waste Framework Directive with a Materials Framework Directive, and the establishment of EU-level powers on environmental taxation.

Council unanimously endorses revised Waste Shipment regulation

| Yesterday, the Council of the European Union unanimously agreed to address the harmful practice of the EU’s waste trade, including plastic waste, by fully endorsing the revised Waste Shipment Regulation.

New Waste Shipment Regulation formally adopted

| The new Waste Shipment Regulation (WSR) was adopted yesterday by the Council.

Accelerating the circular economy in Europe

| Despite legislative steps forward over the past five years, efforts to transform Europe’s largely linear, ‘throw-away’ economy into a circular one will require further bold action and strong implementation of existing measures.

Report confirms significant advances in circularity of plastics

| Plastics Europe has published its biennial ‘The Circular Economy for Plastics: A European Analysis’ report.

Europe’s recyclers applaud milestone PPWR deal

| The COREPER deal on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) marks a significant milestone for the European recycling industry and circular value chains.

FEAD: European Parliament vote on the Waste Framework Directive

| Yesterday, the European Parliament voted in plenary on a revision of the Waste Framework Directive to make the textile industry more sustainable.

Zero Waste Europe: European Parliament makes textile polluters pay

| The vote in the European Parliament yesterday signalled victory for lawmakers seeking to hold textile producers accountable to cover the costs for the waste their products generate.

EP gives green light to food waste targets

| Members of the European Parliament voted on the Waste Framework Directive to raise legally binding food waste reduction targets to 20% for processing and manufacturing, and 40% for retail, restaurants, and households.

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