EuRIC comments on the revision of the “Waste Shipment Regulation”

| The proposal to revise the Waste Shipment Regulation (WSR) requires substantial improvements to deliver on its key objectives, namely combat illegal shipments while boosting circular value chains.

Waste-to-Energy and decarbonisation in the EU

| Eswet welcomes the European Commission’s roadmap on the carbon removal certification and would like to highlight the potential of the Waste-to-Energy sector in contributing to the decarbonisation efforts.

Scientists call for Ultimate Producer Responsibility

| Researchers from universities in the Netherlands, Nigeria and the United Kingdom find that many circular economy policies and practices focus on local and national levels, while ignoring the international dimension.

Europe is not on track to halve non-recycled municipal waste by 2030

| The European Union (EU) circular economy action plan aims to halve the amount of municipal waste in the EU that is not recycled by 2030.

FEAD welcomes EU strategy on sustainable textiles

| FEAD welcomes the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles presented on 30 March by the European Commission as part of a package to make sustainable products the norm in the EU.

RREUSE reaction to Commission’s promising plans

| The “New proposals to make sustainable products the norm and boost Europe's resource independence”, stemming from the European Green Deal and presented by the European Commission today, contain a set of promising initiatives to save resources, advance the implementation of the waste hierarchy whilst taking into account social impacts.

Taxonomy: Associations release Common Statement

| Several associations representing both public and private operators of the entire waste management value chain ask for the inclusion of Waste-to-Energy in the taxonomy. They propose criteria under which this inclusion is possible, in line with the Taxonomy Regulation.

EuRIC welcomes proposal to make sustainable products the norm

| Euric welcomes the Circular Economy Package that was published by the European Commission on 30 March and aims at making products more sustainable in the European Union.

New Circular Economy package set to be a game changer

| The package is a fundamental step forward but still lacks teeth to make sustainable products the norm, the EEB warns.

Commission proposes new consumer rights and a ban on greenwashing

| Today, the Commission has proposed to update the EU consumer rules to empower consumers for the green transition.

European Commission wants to make sustainable products the norm

| The Commission is presenting today a package of European Green Deal proposals to make sustainable products the norm in the EU, boost circular business models and empower consumers for the green transition.

Fashion must end toxic relationship with economic growth

| A new report commissioned by the European Environmental Bureau says that only a radical rethink of its economic model can curb the fashion industry’s sustainability problem.

EU Environment Council adopts new rules for more sustainable batteries

| Yesterday in Brussels, EU environment ministers unanimously adopted the Council position on the EU batteries regulation.

Batteries Regulation needs to set sustainability leadership while boosting EU batteries production

| Today the EU Environment Ministers reached a general approach on the proposal for a new Batteries Regulation.

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