EU parliament: No lead in PVC

| MEPs have vetoed a Commission proposal that would have allowed some lead in recycled PVC.

Petcore conference focused on sustainability

| This year’s Petcore conference was held at the Crowne Plaza Brussels Hotel to welcome more than 300 industry delegates.

Euric unveils Waste & chemicals brochure

| As Euric points out, sound management of hazardous substances in waste management and recycling activities is at the core of the circular economy.

Regulation risks less sustainable alternatives to plastic

| Over the past couple of years plastics have become the public face of the waste pollution crisis, prompting an unprecedented consumer and regulatory backlash that shows no sign of stopping.

France to create a Solidarity Re-use Fund

| EU Member States have until 4 July 2020 to transpose the updated Waste Framework Directive. After a final vote in the Senate on 30 of January, France will be the first to validate its transposition law.
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Zero Waste Europe: Climate Bonds Initiative undermines circular economy

| The Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) claims to be the world’s preeminent authority on sustainable finance. Yet its recently published Waste Management Criteria endorses waste incineration outside the EU as a sustainable investment.

Loopholes in the SUP directive?

| According to Zero Waste Europe and Relop, the proper interpretation of the Directive is crucial, starting by getting the scope right to avoid any loopholes.

Green Deal and SUP directive a contradiction?

| According to European Plastics Converters (EuPC), the ban and reduction of single-use plastics in Europe already affecting the environment negatively.
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FEAD welcomes parliament’s resolution on Green Deal

| Following Wednesday’s plenary vote at the European Parliament, FEAD greatly welcomes the resolution of the European Parliament on the European Green Deal.

NGOs demand EPR for carpets

| Two years ago, the European Carpet and Rug Association (ECRA) announced actions to strengthen the reuse and recycling of carpets in Europe.

European Parliament supports Green Deal

| Parliament adopted on Wednesday its position on the European Green Deal, unveiled by Commission President von der Leyen in a plenary debate in December.
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New president and general secretary for FEAD

| Peter Kurth, President of FEAD’s German member, BDE, becomes FEAD’s new President, while Valérie Plainemaison, who was, until now, the European representative of FEAD’s French member, FNADE, is appointed General Secretary of FEAD.

Euric calls for ambitious strategy on textiles

| Euric strongly welcomes the European Commission’s decision to make textiles, apparel and fabrics a priority product category within the Circular Economy 2.0.

“The solution is the introduction of a simplified EPR program.”

| Robert ter Kuile, the Global Director of Environmental Affairs at Amazon, will speak at the IERC about the European Green Deal and how recycling can be promoted.