Euric applauds binding recycled content target in plastic bottles

| The European Recycling Industries’ Confederation (EuRIC) welcomes the provisional agreement on the Single Use Plastics Directive (SUP) setting a binding target of at least 25% of recycled plastic for PET beverage bottles from 2025 onwards and a target of 30% of recycled content by 2030 for all plastic bottles.
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Mandatory recycled content in plastic bottles wins

| FEAD rejoices as the final trilogue on the Single-Use Plastic Directive yields a positive vote for a 30 % mandatory recycled content in all beverage bottles by 2030, with an intermediary target of 25% in 2025 for PET bottles.
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FEAD: Position paper on proposal to Basel Convention

| In a bid to combat marine litter, Norway has submitted a proposal to restrict exports of plastic waste, by amending the Basel Convention.

EU governments support first set of laws for more repairable products

| EU governments have supported first-ever repairability measures for fridges despite opposition from manufacturers and hesitation from the European Commission. The same progressive approach may now also be applied to other popular products, NGOs understand.

Private waste management industry ready to commit to recycled content

| On 24th October, the European Parliament agreed on an amendment setting up a target of 35% mandatory recycled content in plastic bottles for beverages, as a necessary complement for ensuring the success of the 90% collection target proposed by the Commission.

Carpet producers support mandatory action to make the sector go circular

| Carpet manufacturers, industry associations and civil society join voices to make the carpet industry go circular, and urge the European Commission and Member States to adopt mandatory rules to push the whole sector in this direction. Launched by Zero Waste Europe, the call to action is supported by DSM-Niaga, Interface and Tarkett.

BMRA: Defra’s waste crime consultation response disappointing

| British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) welcomes the publication of Government’s findings as a result of its consultation on Proposals to tackle crime and poor performance in the waste sector and to introduce a new fixed penalty for the waste duty of care. However, we are disappointed that key objectives of the consultation will not be addressed or have now been postponed.

19th International Automobile Recycling Congress

| The congress, taking place on March 20 – 22, 2019, in Vienna will bring together all the links in the ELV recycling chain from car manufacturers, metal and plastic scrap traders, recyclers, shredder operators to policy-makers from all over the world.

Federations join forces to improve glass recycling

| FEVE, FERVER, EXPRA and EuRIC are committed to increasing the quality and efficiency of the glass recycling value chain through separate collection, quality recycling and closed loop manufacturing of glass.

EERA surprised by Parliament decision regarding Deca-BDE

| On 15 November 2018 the European Parliament voted in favour of a very low threshold for a frequently used brominated flame retardant Deca-BDE in plastics that have been used in electronic and electrical products and waste.

ISRI president speaks to U.S. Senate Recycling Caucus

| In conjunction with the celebration America Recycles Day, the U.S. Senate Recycling Caucus hosted a briefing on Capitol Hill in which Robin Wiener, president of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) moderated.

Coalition call to support binding recycled content targets

| The co-signatories of this joint statement urge the Council to support the binding target of at least 35% recycled plastic in beverage bottles by 2025.
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FEAD comments on evaluation of waste shipment regulation

| The federation has addressed some shortcomings in the process of evalution in a letter to the European Commission.

Euric: Landmark vote by the European Parliament

| The European Parliament in plenary meeting approved in a landmark vote on 24 October 2018 a target of 35% of mandatory recycled plastic by 2025 in beverage bottles.