Plastics Recyclers Europe’s Manifesto calls upon the EU for a genuine circularity for plastics

| Plastics Recyclers Europe calls upon the EU to maintain the ambition to achieve a genuine circularity for plastics by driving the competitiveness and innovation of the EU plastics industry.

End of take-make-waste economy impossible without recycling of unsold goods

| On Monday, EU negotiators reached a provisional agreement on the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation, a key part of Europe’s strategy to foster a circular economy.

EU one step closer to making sustainable products the norm

| EU legislators agree on Ecodesign rules, but fail to ban the destruction of unsold goods and ensure enforcement for products sold online.

New packaging waste regulation draft could prove controversial

| The latest draft of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) – which passed its plenary vote in the EU Parliament on Wednesday 22 November – brings further sweeping changes to the proposed legislation, some of which are likely to prove controversial.
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Revamp of Industrial Emissions Directive improves dioxin monitoring in incinerators

| Zero Waste Europe welcomes the agreement reached on the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) today, which mandates the compulsory monitoring of dioxin emissions from waste incinerators and co-incinerators during all operating times.

Not overly ambitious

| With the policy paper „Waste prevention programme for England: Maximising Resources, Minimising Waste“, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs wants to encourage waste prevention in England.

EuRIC Textiles Event gathers over 130 participants

| On 21 November, EuRIC connected the knots in textiles, bringing together EU legislators, environment experts, leading industry figures and NGO representatives for an in-depth discussion on the challenges and opportunities in the EU’s textile landscape.

Parliament adopts revamped rules to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging

| On Wednesday, Parliament adopted its position on new EU-wide rules on packaging, to tackle constantly growing waste and boost reuse and recycling.

15 interventions for change

| Plastic waste remains one of the biggest global problems. In an attempt to solve it,

BIR publishes first position paper on EPR

| The BIR has issued its first position paper on extended producer responsibility (EPR), calling for policymakers to ensure that EPR schemes are designed in such a way that they do not disrupt existing efficient markets.

Recyclers highlight need to maintain access to global markets

| Negotiators from the EU Parliament and Council have reached a provisional agreement on the revision of the Waste Shipments Regulation (WSR), exactly two years after the Commission launched its proposal.

Sufficiency instead of fast fashion

| Textiles remain one of the major problems when it comes to recycling, and not just from an environmental perspective.

“We need to talk about this topic without any fear”

| FEAD hosted yesterday a conference on PFAS in the waste sector to analyse the impact of a potential ban.

Many manufacturers not ready for upcoming EU sustainability regulations

| Recently, companies have been facing increasing pressure to create sustainable products that minimize negative impacts on the environment. Investors now consider sustainability metrics when making investment decisions, and consumers are actively choosing brands that prioritize sustainability and take meaningful actions toward it.

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