WBA calls for decisive policies to fulfill industry’s global decarbonisation potential

| The biogas industry claims that it could reduce global GHG emissions by circa 12% and help governments meet their climate change commitments.

The climate cost of ‘disposable smartphones’

| Extending the lifespan of smartphones and other electronics by just one year would save the EU as much carbon emissions as taking 2 million cars off the roads annually, a new study reveals.

SDGs: Scientists call for urgent, targeted, action

| A new relationship between people and nature is needed as climate change and biodiversity loss threaten progress

UN receives last ratification from Croatia for Basel ban amendmen

| The Basel Ban Amendment prohibits the export of hazardous wastes for ‘final disposal’ from Annex VII Countries to non-Annex VII Countries.

ERPA concerned about state of European paper recycling sector

| ERPA, the recovered paper branch of Euric, has issued a statement to express its concern about the developments on the global recovered paper market which negatively impacts paper recycling in Europe.
Tim Reckmann, pixelio.de

Zero Waste Europe publishes study on chemical recycling

| The study looks into the information available as well as the state of implementation of such technologies in the European context. It closes with policy recommendations to ensure CR complements, rather than jeopardises, a real Circular Economy.

Can the global plastic waste export market be revived?

| With the introduction of plastic import bans across South East Asia, the global export market has slowed hugely over the last 12 months.

Consumer Watchdog urges Governor to take urgent steps on recycling

| Consumer Watchdog today urged Governor Newsom to crack down on the state’s recycling regulator CalRecycle and to take urgent steps that save the state’s bottle deposit program in the long and short term.

To tackle climate change we need to rethink our food system

| The way we produce, consume and discard food is no longer sustainable. That much is clear from the newly released UN climate change report which warns that we must rethink how we produce our food — and quickly — to avoid the most devastating impacts of global food production, including massive deforestation, staggering biodiversity loss and accelerating climate change.

Industry bodies: Caution and coherence in eco-modulation of e-sector fees

| Through a recast of its Waste legislation in 2018, the EU is promoting the idea that the financial contributions (or fees) that producers pay into organisations that implement the principle of extended producer responsibility (EPR), should be eco-modulated.

Circular Economy: Time to unleash the power of consumers

| So far, actions to boost the development of a circular economy in Europe have centred on production, getting industries to introduce circular business models and bring circular options to the market.
Wilhelmine Wulff, pixelio.de

European organisations call for prioritisation of sustainable food policy

| Thirty-six leading campaign groups, farming organisations, and think tanks, including Zero Waste Europe, have come together to call on the new European Commission President to establish an integrated EU food policy during her premiership.
Plastics Recyclers Europe

Plastic Recyclers confirm first speakers for annual meeting

| The first day of the Annual Meeting will feature the PRE Working Group meetings, where PET, HDPE/PP and LDPE sessions will be open to the public.

Expert platform for circular economy in construction

| With a shared goal of putting circular thinking at the heart of the construction sector, major European construction actors have come together with environmental and standardisation stakeholders to jointly request a comprehensive strategy on circular economy in construction.