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EU: Putting an end to wasteful packaging and boosting reuse and recycling

| To address this continually expanding source of waste and consumer annoyance, the Commission has proposed new EU-wide rules on packaging.

Revealed: The countries championing and blocking EU food waste action 

| The countries supporting and opposing ambitious legally binding EU food waste targets have been revealed, according to a survey of EU member state positions published today by Feedback EU and European Environmental Bureau (EEB).

EU economy GHG emissions increase in Q2 2022

| In the second quarter of 2022, EU economy greenhouse gas emissions totalled 905 million tonnes of CO2-equivalents (CO2-eq), a 3% increase compared with the same quarter of 2021.

EU: 4.8 tonnes of waste generated per inhabitant

| In 2020, the total waste generated in the EU by all economic activities and households amounted to 2,151 million tonnes or 4,808 kilograms per capita.

Wastewater treatment plants can catch a cold

| Just like humans, wastewater treatment plants can get sick, due to viral attacks.

Plastic packaging waste: 38% recycled in 2020

| In 2020, each person living in the EU generated 34.6 kg of plastic packaging waste on average. Out of these, 13.0 kg were recycled.

Study: Incineration’s effect on gas consumption

| A new study published by Zero Waste Europe finds that waste incineration is too inconsequential to reduce the European Union countries' (EU27) dependence on Russian gas.

Serious challenges in Europe’s agri-food systems

| A profound rethink of how we produce food and operate global food chains and related industrial processing sectors is needed to make them resilient and sustainable.

Europe recycling chain faces uncertain future

| The only current certainty for the European recycling chain is uncertainty.

PRE: Circular economy for plastics at risk

| As the energy crisis deepens on the continent, its repercussions on electricity prices impact the operations of plastic recycling facilities, putting at risk the transition towards circularity.

New report: EU wastes more food than it imports

| The EU wastes more food than it imports, damaging EU food security amid the cost-of-living crisis, shows a new report from environmental organisation Feedback EU published today.
Martin Kummer;

Study criticizes handling of incineration residues

| According to recent research published by Zero Waste Europe (ZWE), the incineration of waste generates significant amounts of hazardous and non-hazardous residues, the majority of which are landfilled.

Statistics on paper and board recycling in 2020

| BIR has published latest statistics on recovered paper. A new report by the Bureau of International Recycling corroborates the fundamental importance of recovered fiber and free trade.

Countries aim to end plastic pollution by 2040

| Today the Governments of Rwanda and Norway launch The High Ambition Coalition to End Plastic Pollution together with Canada, Peru, Germany, Senegal, Georgia, Republic of Korea, UK, Switzerland, Portugal, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Costa Rica, Iceland, Ecuador, France and the Dominican Republic.

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