Sorting smallest pieces

Steinert Elektromagnetbau has launched a Fines all-metal recovery system.

The Fines ISS combines two new technologies: The Argos C inductive sensor offers sensitivity readings to allow for a recovery of even the smallest pieces down to 1 mm in particle size effectively. According to the manufacturer, this sensor is a fully digital sensor providing conductive imaging enhancing the accuracy of the separation by giving more detailed information on each detected particle. The data transfer is completely Ethernet based.

The second new technology is a bullet-type valve bar for extremely accurate firing to minimize the consumption of compressed air which is the major factor in operating costs for every modern sensor sorter. It also increases the purity of the generated metal product because more accurate firing means less unwanted carryover of non-metallic contaminants.

Both the new Argos C sensor and the bullet-type valve bar are connected through a control panel allowing for a large variety of signal based information to be processed. The Steinert Fines ISS is available in 1 m & 2 m working widths (40” & 80”).


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