Bollegraaf and Lubo at Ifat2014

During the IFAT show, both production companies of the Bollegraaf Group - Bollegraaf Recycling Machinery B.V. and Lubo Systems B.V. - will present a selection of their latest developments.

Bollegraaf has announced to show the next generation HBC balers. Among the new features are an Adaptive Proportional Channel Pressure System that guarantees more compact bales (up to 20%) and significant cost savings with regards to energy and oil replacements. The second one is the Variable Engine Frequency Drive that results in less energy consumption and less noise during operation.

Another new product will be the sorting robot, RoBB. This fully automated sorter is able to pick multiple kinds of plastics, such as PET, PE’s and PS, as well as paper and OCC, delivering high levels of purity and separation quality during the final stages of quality control, resulting in a significantly higher value of your output. Its detection unit includes a NIR (near infrared) camera and a height camera..

Lubo Systems has announced to show the Anti Wrapping StarScreen. According to the company, it combines the advantages of a trommel and traditional star screens by taking out the potential disadvantages of both systems; no wrapping of film, tape or textile, and no ‘sausage formation’ of materials. In addition, the patented Lubo disc quick connect system allows fast change of shafts without dismounting the entire drive train.

Ifat 2014: Hall C1, Booth 423/524


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