Austropressen – a pure force of innovation for intelligent waste logistics

From 30 May through 3 June 2016, Austropressen will present itself to international trade experts from 180 countries as a company that offers efficient and effective solutions with distinct innovating thinking and highest quality standards.

At IFAT 2016, occupying stand 403/502 in hall B2, Austropressen will present its main pillars of focus: Innovation and performance. Information, exchange and consultation services with regard to “Efficient Waste Management”, a topical and future-oriented issue, are the main points of focus. The Roither family will display its most important developments and concrete experiences on an expanded surface of 90 m². That includes a fully automatic APK channel baling press and the newly constructed press series APV easyline based on different models.

At IFAT, Roither Maschinenbau will present an absolute novelty – namely the APV easyline. This line of presses geared to compact cardboard and plastic film shows strong, vertical baling presses in low construction. Using the most modern technology in conjunction with patented solutions allows a high level of pressing power and a quick pressing cycle despite reduced and energy-saving actuating power. This produces heavy and compact bales with minimal energy consumption.

  • The APV easyline functions according to the principle of plug and play. Mounting is unnecessary!
  • The models are 2.2 m high, which makes it possible to install them at low room height.
  • The model range includes a large selection and offers many unique features.
  • The machines are available with comprehensive forces ranging between 12 and 52 t.
  • The bales in the pallet format are ideally dimensioned for storage, transportation or direct sale.

Austropressen will also present the new range of APK-ES of Austropressen at its booth. The basic features ensure the sustenance of a strong standard, which plays a decisive role in the application. The equipment is fully automated, reliable, quick and energy-efficient. The list of standard equipment demonstrates the broad range and high quality.

  • The comprehension forces range from 70 to 135 t enables specialised services of the disposal sector.
  • The high throughput capacity, based on maximum press speed, is attained and secured through custom-optimized hydraulic units.
  • The program selection and its diversity also allow fine adjustments to the hydraulics, channel regulation or binding. That enables unique strategies to respond to the requirements of different material forms, in order to create an excellent bale quality.
  • The cutting system, which is based on a completely new concept, is decisive for the significantly reduced energy consumption of equipment. Thereby: any form of material jamming can be prevented, energy consumption per press cycle is reduced by 40%, material wear and tear is halved at the cutter.
  • One of the most significant facts is that the APK-ES has for the most part managed to eliminate downtime, thereby reducing operation time, labour costs and other expenses.
  • One of the greatest strengths of APK-ES is the high degree of customization, through which customer-specific adjustments can be easily implemented.


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