World Cup Waste Management Programme exceeds expectations

At all 64 matches 416 tonnes of waste were collected.

As the FIFA announced today, the collection of 416 tonnes of waste as a part of the Waste Management Programme created by FIFA, Coca-Cola and the Local Organising Committee (LOC) was higher than initially estimated.

“Our previous experiences have shown that waste management is a key aspect of sustainability at World Cups. The fact that the Brazilian government has recently adopted very clear policies regarding waste made this topic even more important in 2014,” said FIFA’s Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Federico Addiechi. “We’re delighted with what we have achieved, especially as we were able to work side by side with local cooperatives to make the project even more sustainable.”

The operation, which continued until 17 July, was the culmination of nearly two month’s hard work by over 850 waste collectors, who were recruited and trained by Coca-Cola to work in the 12 World Cup stadiums. The project focused on social and environmental issues, and was carried out in conjunction with 19 local cooperatives in the states were World Cup matches took place. The programme followed the Brazilian government’s National Solid Waste Policy to make the best possible use of recyclable material, as well as increasing awareness of the importance of avoiding, reducing and reusing waste.


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