Chinese secondary raw material import decreases in 2013

With 55 million tonnes, the volume of imported secondary raw materials passing passing through China’s inspection and quarantine agencies was 6.4 percent less than in 2012 and also below the levels of 2009 and 2011.

According to an AQSIQ report, although quality was generally improved, the proportion of imports deemed to fall outside China’s environmental protection rules recorded an upturn when compared to the previous year, with notable increases for smelting slag and waste plastics. The following are the main four reasons given for disqualification and accounted for 86% of the total: common impurities exceeding standard; material not washed or not clean; strictly-controlled impurities exceeding standard; and material mixed with banned substances.

China imported secondary raw materials from more than 160 countries and regions last year, with North America, East Asia and Europe still the main suppliers. Pre-shipment inspection agencies conducted checks on 52.8m tons of material, of which it disqualified 1.4314m tons on environmental protection grounds for an increase of 146.79% over the previous year.


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