Forklifts and warehouse trucks

Toyota Material Handling UK has showcased its range of quality forklifts and warehouse trucks in Birmingham.

The trucks on show at the NEC Birmingham were chosen for their suitability to work in the waste and recycling sector, and included: the new Toyota Tonero, HST (Hydrostatic) engine-powered forklift truck fitted with a waste recycling clamp, the Toyota half refurbished forklift, showing before and after the preparation process and the electric Toyota Traigo, which offers high performance levels in both indoor and outdoor operations.
The Tonero forklift has been developed to address key industry concerns of safety and durability. Featuring Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS), the Tonero helps operators to manoeuvre the truck confidently and safely. The chassis of the truck is designed in rugged steel for maximum durability, combined with enclosed connectors to resist water and dust, allowing the Tonero to operate in tough environments.


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