Erema Holding continues growth:

Pure Loop, the new company of Erema holding, specialises exclusively in the recycling of clean production wastes using shredder/extruder technology.

With the foundation of Pure Loop, the Erema Holding intensifies its portfolio in the field of In-house Recycling. In terms of strategy, Pure Loop as the sister company of Erema pursues the clear positioning in the market and further development of the shredder/extruder technology. This is used for the repelletising of production waste in a wide variety of forms such as film, tapes, fibres, nonwovens, fabric, hollow bodies, solid plastic parts and much more.

Based on this shredder/extruder technology, the Pure Loop plant systems will be offered starting immediately under the brand name “ISEC” (Integrated Shredder Extruder Combination). Manfred Dobersberger has been appointed Managing Director of Pure Loop.


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