Veolia acquires AKG Kunststof Groep

With the acquisition of the Dutch company AKG Kunststof Groep, a leading European recycling and polypropylene (PP) production company, Veolia confirms its ambition to further develop in the strategic circular economy sector.

AKG Kunststof Groep provides high quality polypropylene (PP) granules used in manufacturing plastic. The granules are made from commercial, industrial and household waste (90% of supplies) and from the waste produced by plastic product manufacturers. They are used in many fields such as horticulture, construction, electronics, automotive and packaging. In 2014, with 53 employees based in Vroomshoop (Netherlands), AKG recycled 37,000 tons of plastic.

For Veolia the Vroomshoop site will become a center of excellence for recycling polypropylene. Equipped with the latest technology and able to undertake analyses at each stage in the production process, it will add to the Group’s expertise in the circular economy sector.


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