COPEX launches new range of hydraulic scrap shears

The new S-Wing scrap shears with pre-compression by wings are specifically designed for shearing and compacting light to medium-heavy mixed scrap

According to Copex, they play to two major strengths: free of the road regulation limitations that mobile scrap shears with wings are facing, the S-Wing have a reinforced structure which guarantees their increased robustness. Through the specific design of the compacting wings, each one with an important overtravel, they can achieve outstanding compacting performance. They are very easy to install on a scrap yard, as they require very simple and cost saving civil works. The S-Wing which complete the range of Copex Lidex and Reflex are available in three cutting forces: 650, 900 and 1000 tons.

Those new scrap shears with pre-compression by wings are characterized by a big dimension compression box and an extremely high performant shear. They are ideal to process a big variety of scrap materials such as: long profiles and tubes, welded structures (cladding, crinolines), collection scrap and diverse elements (tanks, vats, chassis ELVs…).


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