Metals “perfectly suited” for the Circular Economy” says European industry

The combined European metals industry today demonstrated their support for the upcoming Circular Economy Package through a common position paper. In Boosting the Circular Management of Metals, the metals sector highlights how it looks forward to an ambitious Circular Economy Package supporting growth, innovation, competitiveness and jobs.
Rainer Sturm,

Released in the run up to the release of the Circular Economy Package in late 2015, the European metals industry has shown how using materials efficiently creates “more with less” and delivers greater value for society with fewer inputs.

Metals are perfectly suited for a circular economy as they can be infinitely recycled and are, as such, true enablers of that same circular economy.

There are a number of challenges and opportunities for improving the circular management of metals in the economy. These are:
1. Enhanced recycling of valuable materials
2. Formal recognition of permanent materials and the fostering of their collection
3. Product design for the Circular Economy
4. Facilitate the quality treatment and use of waste, end-of-life products and by-products
5. Stimulate investment in the most innovative technologies to improve collection, sorting and quality recycling
6. Consistency across different legislations to support recycling, particularly in the safe management of chemicals

The combined European metals industry seeks a better recognition of the role of metals in the context of the Circular Economy. Metals and metal products, including packaging, construction, transport and electronics, have a number of distinct advantages, including durability, conductivity, versatility and recyclability. These attributes mean that the European metals industry can help contribute significantly to improving sustainability in both consumer and business applications in a period of rising global demand for products.”


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