Post-consumer scrap turns to high-quality extrudates

APK has developed a technology capable of producing particularly high quality recycled regranulates from post-consumer film scrap originating from Germany's Dual System collection scheme (DSD). This scrap, known as fraction 310, consists of pieces of PE and PP film with a greater or lesser degree of contamination which is supplied to APK in bale form. The products leaving the elaborate cleaning, separation and recycling process are Mersalen LDPE Recompounds and also the particularly readily processable MDPE ReCompounds in pellet form.

Mersalen MDPE in particular, which has been available since mid 2015, offers processing and service characteristics which have not previously been achieved with post-consumer recycled material. As a result, applications include blown films with thicknesses of 50 µm upwards which are used, among other things, for producing barrier membranes for construction, heavy duty films and recycling sacks. Further applications include sturdy, possibly coextruded, flat films which can be converted for example into dimpled sheets for construction, non-pressurised piping and extrusion-blow moulded parts such as containers with a capacity of up to 1.5 litres.

Particular advantages for HDPE processors using this MDPE Recompound as an admixture in film extrusion are the higher achievable draw-off speeds in comparison with pure HDPE, a wider processing window and processing temperatures which may be as much as 25°C lower, so helping to cut manufacturing energy inputs. Mersalen MDPE Recompounds thus complement Mersalen LDPE grades, which are primarily processed by injection and compression moulding into pallets and thick-walled mouldings such as grass pavers but are also suitable as an admixture in the production of films with thicknesses of >180 µm.

Since mid 2015, the company’s Merseburg site has had a recycling line with a capacity of 24 tonnes per day which is capable of meeting the most demanding requirements. This new facility is in addition to the two Sicoplast systems already present on the site. In addition to high performance washing and drying installations, the line includes an Intarema 1512TVEplus recycling extruder from Erema.


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