Sorting machines for plastic foils and black plastics

The Steinert Group’s new sorting machines Unisort Film and UNISORT BlackScan can detect Plastic films and black plastics with AOC and HSI technology.

According to the company, Unisort Film uses the so-called Active Object Control (AOC) technology. It’s a stabilizing system that uses airflow to influence the material being sorted on the belt, enabling a degree of control over the material’s flight parabola in the area of the catcher hood. The material is analysed and classified by a near infrared camera that works using Hyperspectral Imaging Technology (HSI). The material is sorted out a compressed air system with a nozzle bar equipped with high-speed-valves.

Unisort Black basically functions in the same way as the standard Unisort. But due to the use of HSI technology and a more complex evaluation of the spectrum, it is now possible to recognize objects without a spectrum and soot-blackened objects of down to 200 millimetres in size.


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