New intelligent components for proven recycling technology

Starlinger Recycling Technology has relaunched its Recostar universal line with revamped technology and design. According to the company, the new version features greater process variety, simplicity and ease of operation, as well as reduced energy consumption.

The new active shredder enables the Recostar universal recycling line to process input material in almost any form without pregrinding. Edge trim can be fed to the line directly from the production line, other plastic waste directly from the reel feeder or the conveyor belt. The load-controlled dosing screw provides stable supply to the extruder even when the bulk density of the input material varies. Individual motors for the grinder and the extruder ensure accurate material dosing and controlled output. The high-performance rotor, which can be cooled or heated as required, processes hard and stiff materials as well as flexible ones and prepares them optimally for the downstream process.

The recycling line performs the start-up and shutdown operations entirely automatically, thereby allowing the operators – especially in inline applications – to devote their full attention to the actual production process. The option of cold-feeding the extruder makes preheating times unnecessary. Upcycling and compounding are possible by introducing additives via the dosing unit; the quality of the recycled material produced is monitored by a feedback loop.

The ‟Reco” energy concept by Starlinger significantly increases the energy efficiency of the lines. Up to 10 % energy savings can be achieved. Energy savings are achieved using the new extruder drive concept as well as by using motors classified IE3 and infrared heaters on the extruder barrel. The use of the radiant heat of the extruder for material processing helps to recover additional energy.

Recostar universal recycling lines are designed for processing a wide range of plastic waste – from films and injection moulding parts to fibres, filaments and fleece made of PE, PP, PS, PA, PES, PET, PPS, PLA and many more.


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