Recylex with loss in sales in the third quarter

For the first nine months of 2015, sales were also significantly lower than those of the previous year.

The Recylex Group has reported its sales for the nine-month period to September 30, 2015 and for the third quarter of 2015. Sales for the nine months to September 30, 2015 totaled €294.1 million, down 10% on the first nine months of 2014. Third-quarter sales came to €96.1 million, down 10% on the third quarter of 2014.

Yves Roche, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Recylex Group, commented: “Metal prices decreased strongly in the third quarter of 2015, particularly in late August. In this context, we have limited ongoing investments to the minimum. Nevertheless, we recorded a positive production performance, particularly at the Nordenham lead smelter. Sales over the first nine months of 2015 were mainly affected by the major scheduled maintenance shutdowns in the second quarter. Our priorities are still to pursue the reduction of the working capital requirement and the searches for financing.”


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