PV Cycle starts in Japan

The compliance and waste management system announced today that it will offer its waste management service for production and post-consumer waste to Japanese companies and commercial owners.
Mark Mumm, pixelio.de

According to PV cycle, this is a part of a regional expansion plan. The association today covers PV modules, inverters, batteries and other equipment falling under WEEE or Battery legislation.

“The Japanese market ist the natural fit for our expansion to other regions of the world: A 23-GW market with a long history in PV module installation and a high environment commitment on the part of consumers and companies”, said Jan Clyncke of PV Cycle. The association will support the government-funded Akita Photovoltaics Recycling Model Project (APV) with its take-back and reycling expertise and a tailor-made collection box. Already fourteen collection points have been opened to collect small quantities of PV panel waste.


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