Japan’s finance ministry releases waste and scrap import data for June 2016

Japan's Ministry of Finance has issued the nation's waste and scrap import statistics for June 2016.
Jürgen Nießen, pixelio.de
Jürgen Nießen, pixelio.de

Data showed that Japan imported 3,337 metric tons (MT) of ordinary steel scrap during June. The top exporter of scrap was South Korea with 3,200 MT. The other leading exporters were Taiwan (42 MT), Cambodia (28 MT), Germany (23 MT) and Vietnam (22 MT). The price of overall imports averaged at $76.27 per MT.

Data showed that the cumulative imports of ordinary steel scrap during the first half of 2016 totaled 20,335 metric tons. The import prices averaged at $99.75 per MT during this period. South Korea was the key exporter with imports from that nation totaling 16,426 metric tons. The other primary sources of import were Taiwan, Panama, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Japan’s imports of waste and scrap of Stainless Steel totaled 9,933 metric tons in June. The imports averaged at $1,115.24 per MT. Imports from South Korea constituted more than 50% of the total stainless steel scrap imports by Japan during the period.

Japan imported 952 metric tons (MT) of waste and scrap of other alloy steel in June and 7,703 metric tons in the first half of 2016. The country’s import of cast iron as well as Turnings and Stampings waste amounted to 110 metric tons and 132 metric tons, respectively.

Malaysia was the only exporter of waste and scrap of tinned heavy melting scrap to Japan in June. The imports totaled 16 MT at an average price of $2,574 per metric ton.


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