A digestive system for every home

The LIAR (Living Architecture) project wants to develop smart bricks thatn can extract resources from sunlight, air and waste water.
Tim Reckmann, pixelio.de
Tim Reckmann, pixelio.de

The blocks will contain a microbial fuel cell, filled with programmable synthetic microorganisms. Robotically activated, each chamber will contain a variety of microorganisms specifically chosen to clean water, reclaim phosphate, generate electricity and create detergents. The living cells that will make up the wall will be able to sense their surroundings and respond tot hem through a series of digitally coordinated mechanisms. The scientists compare the project to a “biomechanical cow’s stomach”.

The 3.2 million Euro project is coordinated by Newcastle University and includes experts from universities from the west of England, Trento, the Spanish national research counsil, Liquifier systems group and Explora. LIAR has received founding from the EU’s Horizon 2020.


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