Plastics recycling resists low oil prices

The demand for recycled plastics has not been negatively affected due to low oil prices.

Some media claim that the plastics recycling market is affected by a decrease in the oil price. However, this situation does not reflect the general situation of plastics recyclers, only certain companies who are exposed to exports of plastics.

This market trend is the result of two main factors said Ton Emans (PRE President): “First, the lower Chinese demand for plastics waste has released some pressure on the prices for sorted waste. Secondly, the good quality recycled plastics produced by European recyclers have stable outlets as well as deliver an environmental benefit”.

“This stable demand has resulted in several investments over the last months to build up new recycling plants in Europe and also new innovative plants to treat plastics waste streams which were not recycled in the past.” added Emans.


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