Doppstadt Academy: Customized training courses

Doppstadt Umwelttechnik GmbH is further expanding its range of training courses through the Doppstadt Academy.
Using the latest technology, the Doppstadt Academy optimizes its training courses to present the solutions to participants in an innovative solutions to participants. Copyright: Doppstadt Umwelttechnik GmbH

Shortly after the academy was founded in 2020, it quickly became clear that demand in the industry was enormous. As a result, the team grew to six employees within a very short space of time, all of whom deal with the needs of dealers and end customers. Doppstadt’s experts develop training courses that are precisely tailored to customers’ requirements and materials. The training courses teach the correct operation of the machines. This not only contributes to safety in the workplace, but also increases efficiency by avoiding downtime.

Doppstadt has set up a training platform for innovative knowledge transfer. “Our digital learning environment is a customized knowledge hub that offers customers individual documents and interactive tutorials. With a structure tailored to training courses, we enable targeted further training,” explains Tobias Strob, Head of Doppstadt Academy.

The high demand for the Doppstadt Academy’s training courses is also evident in an international context. With over 500 training days planned for 2024, including around 200 abroad, Doppstadt continues to expand its offering.

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