High-precision sorting with UniSort Finealyse+

Steinert is expanding its range of sensor sorting systems with the addition of UniSort Finealyse+, a higher-performing version of its established UniSort Finealyse sensor sorting system.
UniSort Finealyse+ is a higher-performing version of Steinert’s established UniSort Finealyse sensor sorting system. Copyright: Steinert

This new machine was developed especially for the challenges experienced when processing plastic flakes and granulates, as well as when sorting metal granulates between 2 and 30 mm. The Finealyse+ provides numerous innovations for further enhanced product purity coupled with higher throughput. The new sorting solution will be unveiled at IFAT.

Improving performance through a combination of sensors

With UniSort Finealyse+, users benefit from extensive hardware enhancements. In addition to the familiar near-infrared (NIR) and colour camera versions, there is also a sensor combination of high-resolution NIR and colour sensor. Based on the very latest NIR camera technology – hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology – the benefits can be found in the combination of maximum special and spectral resolution. The sensor combination, including a colour camera, allows additional characteristic properties that can be identified and mapped at the same point, ensuring even more stable detection.

Stabilisation for optimum detection and discharge

Once the material has been added for sorting, it is stabilised on the high-speed conveyor belt by the Active Object Control (AOC). This enables the sensors to perform ideal detection and for the material to be reliably ejected thanks to the optimised compressed air nozzles. For the best possible sorting at all times, UniSort Finealyse + also provides an automatic white balance for calibration purposes and a split variant for simultaneously running several sorting processes on one machine. The split function allows several material flows to be sorted at the same time, or for the sorted product to be subsequently cleaned in parallel on one machine.

Sorting flexibility for plastics and metal

The diverse potential uses for this product range from sorting plastic flakes to metal applications. UniSort Finealyse+ reliably removes incorrect colours and unwanted plastics from plastic flakes. It is also well suited to colour sorting of non-ferrous metals, in addition to removing unwanted plastics from e-scrap. This all results in high flexibility and product purity with minimal material losses.

Hall B6, booth 451/550


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