Toumbos supplies Greek municipality

Toumbas Special Vehicles Superstructures, one of the main suppliers of waste collection vehicles in Greece and Eastern Europe, has supplied eight of its DT16 series 16m3 rear loading waste collection vehicles to the municipality of Ampelokipon Menemenis in Thessaloniki Prefecture.

The non – recyclable waste fraction across Ampelokipon Menemenis is deposited in 1100 litre containers at communal collection points along the street. The municipality’s new fleet of waste collection vehicles leave the depot at 5.30am to start collecting waste at 6.00am, as the company states. The two waste collection operatives position the 1100 litre containers at the rear of the new DT16 waste collection vehicles to be lifted with a Toumbas trunnion / comb lift which is applicable to DIN 30700 and DIN 30740 EN15001 certification. Once the 1100 litre containers have been emptied, they are replaced at the communal collection point by the two waste collection operatives. According to Toumbas the compaction mechanism designed in the DT16 rear loader is of the slide block type with a conventional packer and carriage blade. The DT16 delivers a high compaction force of 6:1 which achieves a high legal payload of eight tonnes once the DT16 rear loader is full.

Once the waste collection vehicle is full, it travels to the Mavrorahi sanitary landfill site, which is the landfill for the whole Prefecture of Thessaloniki. This site is operated by FODSA, a public company managing waste for the Association of Local Authorities of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki. It manages the treatment of waste from the two million inhabitants living in the Prefecture.

According to the company the eight new Toumbas waste collection vehicles operated by the municipality of Ampelokipon Menemenis collect one load of waste six days a week e.g. Monday to Saturday but on Mondays collect two loads of waste. This is because some areas of the municipality do not have a waste collection service on Sundays and so there is extra waste put out on Mondays.


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