China’s textile recycling project gets support

Zhejiang Lvyu Environment Protection and Zhejiang Jiaren New Materials, two companies in China's Zhejiang province, have pledged support to Paojiang New District to build the largest textile waste recycling base in the country.
(Source: Rudolpho Duba, Pixelio)

With support from the two companies, Shaoxing city in Zhejiang province is set to become the largest textile waste recycling base in the country. The project will also increase the national textile waste recycling capacity by 600,000 tons per year after two years. At present, just around 1.5-1.6 million tons of waste textile in China is recycled, marking around 10% of total waste textiles.

Zhejiang Lvyu Environmental Protection is a new company backed by Zhejiang Guxiandao Industrial Fiber Company. It aims to use a process and technology similar to Eco-circle technology to convert waste textile into polyester chips to be sold largely to domestic textile mills for the production of polyester staple or filaments.

Zhejiang Jiaren New Materials, a joint venture between Japan-based Teijin Group and Zhejiang Jinggong Holding Group, also uses Eco-circle technology.

The project cost is around CNY 5 billion, with the first phase costing CNY 1 billion. Phase one broke ground in March 2016. The project will become the largest regenerated resource base in China over the next five years.


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