No proper electronic waste management system in India’s Varanasi

There is no proper system of electronic waste management in India's Varanasi city. Officials of the Varanasi Municipal Corporation have said that electronic waste accounts for about 6% of the total solid wastes collected in the city each day. The officials said that about 527.34 metric tonnes of solid wastes is collected every day.
Frank Radel,

Sujeet Kumar, an analyst of India’s national cleanliness campaign Swachh Bharat Mission, said that an agency has been appointed to collect wastes from door to door from five distinct wards in the city. The wastes will be collected, separated and then processed, said Mr. Kumar.

However, sources have said that there is no separate dumping ground for e-wastes. All solid wastes are still thrown at dumping ground of Ramanah in the city. The processing plant at Karsada is still dysfunctional.

Most of the e-waste is generated in households, electronic shops and servicing centers.

“Over one and a half month, I have collected over 15kgs of electronic wastes, which cannot be used up any further nor can be sold,” said a mobile store and repair shop owner.

“Every day we get around 25 five systems for repair out of, which at least five are completely discarded but we cannot dispose them as there is no proper way of e-waste collection in the city right now,” an owner of a computer shop said.

E-waste contains considerable amount of toxic metals that can result in serious medical complications. “Unprocessed e-waste can pose serious respiratory and cardiac threats and it also affects environment adversely, a doctor said.


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