Zero-waste markets coming to US

This trend in grocery shopping, which is very popular in Europe, is not as well known in North America.
Christine Becker,
Christine Becker,

Sarah Metz is working to open The Fillery, a zero-waste grocery store, in Brooklyn, New York, where customers could bring their own reusable containers to the shop or purchase compostable ones to place their products in. The Fillery’s KickStarter page says that it is “a place where one fills empty containers with goods, such as grains, nuts, seeds, coffee, tea, spices, oils and the like.”

Ms. Metz is looking to open her store in 2016.

“We aim to improve the health of our community in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, and the environment by offering alternatives to the plastic entombed, chemical laden options which are ubiquitous in both pantries and landfills worldwide,” reads the KickStarter page.

Ms. Metz said that The Fillery will not just sell grocery items. It will also be a community supported agriculture (CSA) pick up spot and a learning center.

Similarly, Lyndsey Manderson, co-founder of the store Zero Market, is planning on installing a tracker to show her customers how much packaging they have kept out of landfills by shopping zero-waste.

Approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the world’s oceans every year, causing huge damage to the marine ecosystem.


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