Veolia plans heavy investment in the UK

In an interview with news agency Reuters, Veolia UKs CEO Estelle Brachlianoff explained that the company intends to invest approximately 900 million Euro and is taking advantage of rising landfill taxes.

Brachlianoff said that the gradually rising landfill taxes have been a major revenue driver for Veolia in Britain, with an announced revenue of 2.4 billion Euros being the company’s second-largest market after France.

“We expect Britain will be a major growth area for Veolia in the coming five years as we help this country become greener”, Brachlianoff told Reuters.

Three quarters of Veolia’s revenue in the UK comes from waste recycling, the rest from energy services and water.

Brachlianoff said that as the landfill tax in the UK had been consistent and predictable, it had spurred a large recycling industry, cutting landfill of 80 per cent by half in 20 years.


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