No trust in british recycling activities

Viridor has launched a recycling index that gives a comprehensive overview of public attitudes to recycling.
Thommy Weiss,

The index is based on a survey of 1.500 people. It shows that there is a lot of frustration about the handling of waste management and recycling. According to Viridor, 66 per cent of people surveyed are frustrated about not having enough educational material available, 78 per cent are frustrated that different councils recycle different things and 63 per cent complain that different councils collect waste in different ways. Also 73 per cent mentioned that they want more transparency on what happens to their waste.

„The recycling index shows that the UK’s recycling story and progress is being challenged by ‚wrong stuff, wrong bin‘. People across the UK want to recycle more stuff, and recognize the importance of doing so, but they need better systems and support to ensure the right stuff goes in the right bin every time“, Dan Cooke, Director of Communications & External Affairs at Viridor comments.

The Index shows also that UK consumers want to recycle more, but are not sure about what and how to recycle. For example, more or less half of the people surveyed where confused about whether they can recycle light bulbs, crisp packets, coffee cups, mobile phones and plastic wrappings. Only 49 per cent of consumers feel very confident that they put different waste in the right bins. There is also a lack of trust. Although the local councils are seen as the group most responsible for recycling, only 24 per cent trust them to recycle properly.


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