Growth in Poland’s plastics industry continues

Applied Market Information Ltd has conducted a database of Plastic Processors in Poland.
Polymer demand in Poland
Polymer demand in Poland

Changes in the European plastics industry have been slow and steady since the recession in 2008 and 2009. However, Poland was the only country in Europe which did not technically go into recession. And although overall polymer demand growth has weakened, it is still mannaging to show some growth driven by appliance manufacturing and consumer packaging and a recovery in automotive production.

This growth was epitomized by polymer consumption increases at just over 3,5 per cent between 2009 and 2014. Particularly for HDPE, PP and PET, with Polypropylene accounting for just under a quarter of all polymers used in the country.

On top this, Poland has also become an important regional hub for plastics packaging printing and converting as well as having capacity for all commodity polymers.

Poland is still expected to show good growth, driven by ongoing investments in car production and electrical goods manufacturing, although the success of their plastics industry will be dependent on growth continuing in the West and remaining competitive against foreign imports. That being sad, the market is thought to have the potential to grow at 3 per cent per year up to 2019, creating a market demand of 3 million tonnes.

Applied Market Information (AMI) has conducted a database of plastics processors in Poland. It details of 1.000 companies and is available via AMI.


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