Eggersmann Group expands its product portfolio

Bio-Dry, the biological drying technology of Convaero, is being integrated via an asset deal into the portfolio of the Eggersmann Group with immediate effect.
Convaero Bio-Dry-Technology: membrane covered waste treatment. Source: Eggersmann Gruppe GmbH & Co. KG

The Eggersmann Group located in Marienfeld, Germany, is known for its decades-long experience in the field of mechanical-biological waste treatment. Labelled with the brands Kompoferm and Bekon, the plant constructor has developed and established numerous dry fermentation waste treatment sites. ”The Bio-Dry technology now allows us to enter new markets in countries with limited financial strength but where waste volumes and energy demand are growing substantially. For such market conditions the Bio-Dry system of Convaero provides the optimal solution, namely the biological drying of municipal solid waste for the production of alternative fuel,” says Karlgünter Eggersmann, CEO of the Eggersmann Group.

Another key element of acquiring the Convaero technology and brands is the fact that the entire Convaero technology team and its expertise now join the Eggersmann Group. ”The many years of experience of these new employees in membrane covered waste treatment complements and hugely boosts our competence in this field,” emphasises Eggersmann.

The co-founder and CEO of Convaero, Dr Markus Binding, states: ”What began in the mid-nineties as a bold composting innovation and after being realized in more than 300 plants worldwide, now starts a new age. This cost-effective waste treatment under special membranes will be integrated into the comprehensive, turnkey mechanical-biological solutions marketed by the Eggersmann Group. We are convinced that Bio-Dry™ will be sold even more effectively within a turnkey solution environment and so we look forward to new joint sales activities.“


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