European Parliament takes major step towards circular economy

The members of The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE) welcome the European Parliament’s vote on the revision of EU waste legislation, which recognises the benefits of bio-based packaging materials and sets the conditions for increased collection and recycling of beverage cartons.

“The vote confirms the ambition of the European Parliament to incentivise the use of bio-based materials as a means to reduce Europe’s dependency on finite primary resources,” says Annick Carpentier, ACE Director General. “This is a clear signal that will help unlock greater investments in innovation to achieve sustainable and low-carbon solutions and strengthen the importance of bio-based resources for a circular economy.”
By increasing the use of renewable materials that are responsibly sourced and recycled, ACE members directly contribute to the EU’s climate and sustainability agenda. Beverage cartons are mainly made of renewable resources, namely paperboard sourced from responsibly managed forests. Once beverage cartons reach their end-of-life, they are recycled where collection systems are in place.

“Diversion of packaging waste from landfilling and the separate collection of packaging waste are necessary to achieve ambitious recycling targets and to drive innovation in sorting and recycling infrastructure,” Ms. Carpentier adds.

ACE members are optimistic that the Parliament’s concrete proposals will resonate with EU Member States in their ongoing discussions on the waste proposals and will continue to contribute to an effective implementation of a circular economy in the EU.


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