New Executive Director for Petcore Europe

On 31 March 2017, Patrick Peuch steps down from his role as Executive Director at Petcore Europe. Christian Crépet has been appointed as his successor by the Petcore Europe Board.

“It has been a real pleasure for me to run Petcore Europe for the last four years since the start. With the continuous trust, support and contribution of our members, we have grown Petcore Europe to a reference model and a well-respected European organisation, acknowledging our open-minded approach and pro-active activities, our partnerships and relationships. It is now time for me to step down and to thank you all, and to express my best wishes to my successor,” outlined Patrick Peuch during the Annual General Meeting of Petcore Europe.

“Patrick played a key role in the growth of Petcore Europe and delivered outstanding performance not only to the Petcore Europe association but to the benefit of the whole PET value chain. I wish him all the best for his future activities,” stated Roberto Bertaggia, Petcore Europe President. “I welcome Christian, one of the founders and board members even before Petcore Europe, whose in-depth knowledge of the PET world, his motivation and skills, I am sure, will further foster Petcore Europe activity along the path traced by Patrick.”

With a commercial and business management background, Christian Crépet started his career with Dow Chemical and went on with Enichem both in France and other European countries. Before running Petcore Europe, he has been the Managing Director of French recycling company Sorepla Industrie for the last 21 years. He is very familiar with the PET industry, having been a member of Petcore, the pre-Petcore Europe association, for a long time, a Vice-President of PRE and Vice-Chairman of their PET WG, and more recently a Board member and Treasurer of Petcore Europe.


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