BIR: Spotlight on Asian non-ferrous metals markets

The BIR Non-Ferrous Metals Division has invited three guest speakers who will be sharing their expertise during the divisional plenary session on Monday, 22 May 2017 at 9.30, kicking off the BIR World Recycling Convention & Exhibition in Hong Kong.

Masao Montani is Director of Daiki Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd in Japan and Managing Director of PT Daiki Aluminium Industry Indonesia in Indonesia. Montani joined Daiki in 1987 after graduating from university and worked in the technical deptartment for eleven years. He then spent five years at Daiki’s plant in Japan before being transferred to Daiki’s Thailand plant in 2004. He has been working at Daiki’s affiliated companies in Thailand and Indonesia for fourteen years. Daiki Aluminium is the largest secondary aluminium smelter in Japan and its annual production is about 240,000 tonnes. Daiki also has affiliated companies in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines and the total group production in South East Asia is 192,000 tonnes per year. The title of his presentation is “Secondary Aluminium Market in South-East Asia and East Asia”.

John Browning is Founder and Managing Director BANDS Financial, a SFC licensed futures broker based in Hong Kong. Before founding BANDS Financial, Browning was a Managing Director at Jefferies Asia. He was also a board member of the London Metal Exchange and the Chairman of the LME E-commerce Committee between 2002-2004, and he is widely credited with the creation of the LME’s electronic trading platform LME Select. While at Newedge between 2008 and 2012, he created a platform that enabled clients to trade Chinese and international futures markets simultaneously. BANDS Financial Limited is owned by BANDS Unified Limited, a Hong Kong based holding company, which is also owner of BANDS Risk Management. BANDS Unified was founded by Tiger Shi and John Browning, who have worked at senior levels at a number of globally recognized banks and financial institutions and have together specialized in the east-west dynamic for the last 8 years. Browning will be speaking on “The Return of Commodity Price Inflation – where will we get prices from?”

Hong Yang is Deputy Managing Director at Minmetals Germany GmbH, which is part of the China Minmetals Corporation, one of the largest raw materials conglomerates in China. Yang joined the corporation right after his graduation in 1991, and his itinerary covers 5 years as staff and section manager for Minmetals Trading in Beijing, 4 years as Assistant to the President for Minmetals Brazil, 7 years for China National Minerals in Beijing as Deputy General Manager and 3 years as President for Minmetals Korea. In 2010, Yang joined Minmetals Development in Beijing, where he first worked as General Manager of Strategy and Planning and then as Deputy Director of E-Commerce Projects. In 2014, he moved to Germany to work for Minmetals Germany GmbH. Founded in 1986, the company belongs to the oldest Chinese enterprises in Germany. Their main activities are the sale of carbon steel and stainless steel as well as the purchase of raw materials for steel production. Since 2008, Minmetals Germany has a subsidiary in England and has recently become active in Turkey, where a new subsidiary has been established focusing on raw materials purchase. Yang will share his knowledge of the “Dynamic Copper Scrap Market in China”.


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