Next-Generation optical fiber sorting technology

MSS, Inc., the optical sorter division of the CP Group, is introducing its next generation fiber sorting technology, the Cirrus FiberMax. It delivers ultra-fast belt speeds, intuitive learning software, and a more marketable fiber product
optical fiber sorting technology

Based on the Cirrus sensor platform, the FiberMax provides increased sorting speeds, sensing capability and operating flexibility.

The ultra high-speed conveyor belt of the Cirrus FiberMax runs at twice the speed of conventional optical sorters, and a proprietary air-assist and material handling system keeps the paper moving through the sensing zone in a laminar flow without turbulence. It sorts paper 40x faster than manual sorting thanks to belt speeds of 1,000 feet per minute.

Every Cirrus FiberMax is equipped with an intuitive learning algorithm that adapts to changes in the ever evolving material stream. An automated software assistant speeds up the programming of different or new types of contaminants and automates the fine-tuning of the sort recipe, all the while helping it to make distinctions the human eye can’t.

The Cirrus FiberMax generates a higher purity paper grade for better marketability. In one recent installation, the Cirrus FiberMax decreased the level of prohibitives in a residential mixed paper stream from about 10% to less than 3% consistently. Additionally, it reduced the sorter head count by 12.

The Cirrus FiberMax comes with a variety of upgrades, one of them being an integrated vacuum suction system to remove ultra light flexible packaging such as film and bags during the ejection process right inside the eject hood. It can also be built to custom width, up to 112″/2800mm wide.


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