Appointment of Diana Kisro-Warnecke as an independent director

At today’s Annual General Meeting of Recylex SA, shareholders approved the appointment of Diana Kisro-Warnecke as a director for a term of 3 years.

Mrs. Kisro-Warnecke meets the independence criteria defined by the MiddleNext corporate governance code for listed mid-cap companies, which Recylex has adopted.

Mrs. Kisro-Warnecke was born in 1973 in Burgwedel (Hanover region, Germany). She graduated in economic science from the University of Hanover and University of Hamburg, holds an MBA in information technologies from Liverpool University and gained a PhD in marketing and management from the University of Hanover. Mrs. Kisro-Warnecke is CEO of Dr. K&K ChinaConsulting, an international consulting firm. In this role, she advises medium-sized groups and businesses. For the past ten years, Mrs. KisroWarnecke has been a member of regional government and federal government delegations.

Following her appointment as a director, Recylex SA satisfies the regulations concerning gender balance on the board of directors applicable to listed companies, since 40% of the members of its Board of Directors are women.

Mrs. Kisro-Warnecke commented: “A new phase in the Recylex Group’s recovery has begun, and with its brighter outlook, it can now look to the future with greater confidence and ambition. I look forward to applying my skills and expertise for the benefit of Recylex’s Board of Directors and working with this passionate team.”

Yves Roche, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Recylex Group, added: “Recylex’s Board of Directors is delighted to welcome Mrs. Kisro-Warnecke. With her expertise and her dynamism, she will make an active contribution to the work of the Board of Directors and to the Company’s governance as an independent director. Her appointment will give Recylex the benefit of her vast experience of the German business world, especially in the Lower Saxony region.”


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