Videsa SA maximises resource value thanks to CDEnviro

With a ban on landfill for combustible materials in place for the past 10 years and 200km to travel to the nearest disposal site, high costs and ecological considerations meant Valais-based environmental remediation company, Videsa, needed a better way to deal with its street sweeping and gully waste.

Luckily, Videsa SA’s owner Mr Glassey didn’t have too far to look as CDEnviro has multiple systems running in Switzerland. The systems screen and separate the different waste components, removing organic and washing non-organic matter such as sand and gravel. Much of the material is then suitable for reuse so waste, rather than being a cost, becomes a resource.

Videsa carries out a range of remediation works including building services, WC hire, waste treatment and pipeline inspection, so has a substantial and varied waste to deal with.

Mr Glassey said the landfill legislation led him to invest in a waste system. “The CDEnviro technology meets the legislative requirements and allows us to limit the quantity of waste by adding value to most of it.”

Andrew Wilson, CDEnviro’s Business Development Manager in Switzerland, said, “Our experience in handling and processing waste streams from a range of different sources allows us to continue to design and manufacture new, original products and processes that will help us to achieve our objective of zero waste. We’re delighted that our systems have helped contribute towards Videsa’s success and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

A video featuring the waste processing equipment and an interview with Mr Glassey is available at


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