High performance granulator ensures high throughput

Suez Sued GmbH relies on Granulator type AG2008 to increase RDF production.
Granulator AG2008

At their site in Bruchsal, company Suez Sued GmbH operates a recycling plant with a working area of approx. 25,000 m². In the recycling plant, the incoming waste is sorted and separated into usable fractions. The remaining materials, which are no longer recyclable, are processed in a separate RDF production line. By processing the residues to RDF, the material is used in a higher-value thermal utilization, which leads to substitution of fossil fuels.

Installation of the Granulator AG2008 at Suez Sued GmbH
Installation of the Granulator AG2008 at Suez Sued GmbH

According to THM, the RDF production line is running in two-shift operation. Due to processing of an additional material stream, the residual quota of the plant should be further reduced. A new granulator was needed for this purpose.

Rotor of the Granulators from THM recycling solutions

After the projecting phase, Suez Sued selected a granulator from THM recycling solutions GmbH. The task was, to process the additional material stream of 15 t/h in continuous operation with only one granulator. A THM granulator type AG2008 was selected and installed. After installation and commissioning of the Granulator AG2008, the machine was subjected to a four-week continuous power test in real operation. Afterwards the responsible Suez employee certified the performance of the THM granulator.


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