FEAD demands right framework for plastics

FEAD President Jean-Marc Boursier delivered a speech at the European Commission Reinventing Plastics, Closing the Circle Conference.
piu700, pixelio.de
piu700, pixelio.de

The FEAD President stressed that it requires the right framework conditions along with economic instruments to materialise a vision for plastics in the circular economy.

Mr. Boursier demanded to focus more on the very first step in the value chain and intensify the cooperation with designers and manufacturers to ensure that products are designed to prevent waste and to be easily reused, dismantled and recycled. He also demanded to increase the use of recyclates in new products. “For instance, we could implement economic instruments to incentivize Circular Design with bonus and malus systems within Extended Producer Responsibility schemes“, he stated

Another point in his speech was the introduction of harmonized eco-labelling rules to incorporate indications of recycled content and recyclability. “As an EU consumer, I want to know if the packaging and products I have in front of me is recyclable or not, or even better if it contains recycled materials“, Mr. Boursier said.

He further pointed out that the promotion of minimal recycled plastic content in certain packaging should also be introduced. Finally he stated that green public procurement must be intensified and fiscal incentives to boost demand should be considered.


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