New waterproof scales available

UK weighing scales manufacturer, Marsden, has launched a new range of scales with IP68-certified protection from water, which are especially applicable for waste management plants.
Foto: Marsden Weighing Group

According to Marsden the range includes waterproof scales suitable for weighing waste materials throughout the waste and recycling process. Their IP68 rating means the scales can cope with water, dust and being washed down after use – crucial for keeping everything clean and hygienic.

Each scale features Marsden’s new IP68 indicator. Previously, Marsden-branded IP68-certified scales only had an IP67-certified indicator, the company quotes.

Marsden’s Managing Director, Richard Black, said: “A huge number of industries depend on waterproof equipment. Now, the waste management industry can benefit from a range of scales that are tough enough for a waste management environment, and last year after year. “There is very little like it on the market – and even less at this price.”

Operations Director, Mark Coates, added: “We want Marsden scales to be waste management companies’ first choice for weighing equipment. We hope this range of stainless steel scales answers a lot of people’s needs!”


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