Cronimet recycles gas turbines

With the documented destruction of aircraft turbines in 2016, Cronimet broke new ground in the recycling of finite resources. At the end of last year, the company further recycled its first gas turbine; the second one in January.
Delifery of gas turbine in Karlsruhe (Foto: Cronimet)

A resource-efficient recycling of valuable alloys is the core business of Cronimet in Karlsruhe. Gas turbines contain finite metals and various precious alloys, which would be lost without any efficient recycling.

Professional dismantling of gas turbine (Foto: Cronimet)

“Both the customers and the manufacturers attach great importance to the documented destruction and recycling of gas turbines. Our experience in the recycling of aircraft turbines according to air safety standards is an optimal prerequisite for meeting such high requirements,” Gregor Zenkner (Head of Aviation Recycling) further elaborates. Cronimet professionally dismantles the turbines, documents the destruction of the individual parts and eventually returns the secondary raw materials according to their alloys to the environmental cycle.


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