IFAT: Tomra shows wide range of technologies

Tomra Sorting Recycling wants to spotlight its sensor-based sorting technologies at IFAT 2018. The overarching theme of TOMRA’s exhibition stand will be ‘One planet, one recycling solution’.

To help attendees get the most from Tomra’s presence at IFAT 2018, the company is inviting visits beforehand to its online event preview page.

There are four options: setting-up a meeting with a Tomra Sales Expert; reserve a space at one of the four Tomra Leads future-oriented presentations; submit an entry to the company’s InPulse Award, which offers a prize for the best innovation idea; and reserve a space as a guest at Tomra’s Test Center near Koblenz on Friday 18 May.

Tomra’s exhibition stand at IFAT 2018 will feature four consulting stations, each with a distinct focus: metal recycling, waste, the circular economy, and the future.

The ‘Metal Recycling’ section will ask the question “Are you a metal head?” Here Tomra will explain why China’s tough new National Sword policy is nothing to fear. Information will be provided about Tomra’s applications for Zorba, Zurik, aluminum, end-of-life vehicles, electronic waste, and wires.

After asking visitors “Do you like it dirty?” the ‘Waste’ area of Tomra’s stand will advise how to maximize recycling yields from municipal solid waste. Tomra provides machines for applications as diverse as paper, wood chips, packaging, flakes, PET bottles, black plastics, construction and demolition debris, and commercial and industrial waste.

The part of Tomra’s stand titled ‘Circular Economy’ will ask “Are you ready to be re-used?” Here the focus will be on how Tomra’s technologies of today can help make the world a better place tomorrow. A video will summarize the worrying extent of environmental damage being done by waste, particularly plastic, to our planet and its oceans. As an active reaction to this problem, last year Tomra signed-up to the New Plastics Economy – an initiative which brings together businesses, governments, scientists and citizens to accelerate the transition towards a global plastics system guided by the principles of the circular economy.

The fourth quarter of Tomra’s display is titled ‘The Future’ and raises the question “Do you want to look inside?” Here Tomra will give glimpses into research and development and imminent new machines and technologies. The most significant of all advancements is likely to be the growing sophistication of artificial intelligence, which is already integrated in Tomra’s machines to a greater extent than in any other manufacturer’s. At this part of the stand it will also be possible for visitors to interact with live data using Tomra Insight , the telematics tool which gives customers remote, real-time insights into their recycling machines’ management and performance.

Hall B6, stand 339/438


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