Increased interest in sorting technologies

Tougher new regulations and consumer concerns are reflected in enquiries received at IFAT, Tomra reports.
Source: Tomra

Many visited Tomra’s exhibition stand to learn about the company’s latest sorting solutions, showcased on the ‘Metal Recycling’ and ‘Waste’ sections of the stand, and to hear about Tomra’s expectations for future innovations, spotlighted on the ‘Circular Economy’ and ‘Future’ areas of the stand.

Tom Eng, Senior Vice President and Head of Tomra Sorting Recycling, commented: “The huge number of industry professionals attending IFAT 2018, and the high quality of enquiries received by Tomra, show how demand is growing for sorting solutions. This is partly due to tougher new regulations, such as China’s National Sword policy, but also reflects the increasing environmental awareness of consumers. More countries around the world are calling-out for effective sorting and recycling technologies, and there’s real interest in future progress through innovation. Tomra believes the most significant near-future advancements will be in the increased sophistication of artificial intelligence, which is already integrated in Tomra’s machines to a greater extent than in any other manufacturer’s.”


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