Bio-waste sector ready to act

The European Compost Network welcomes the adoption of the Circular Economy Package by the European Parliament.

As part of the package, the revised Waste Framework Directive recognises the potential of the bioeconomy and provides vital incentives that will boost the circularity of bio-waste across Europe. For the first time, the way is paved that annually around 100 million tonnes of valuable organic resources will be separately collected and recycled.

“The revised Waste Framework Directive is a major step towards unlocking the potential of 50,000 new jobs in the bio-waste management sector. We look forward to working with the Member States on the implementation of the Circular Economy Package and the creation of sustainable growth in Europe”, commented Henrik Lystad, chair of the European Compost Network.

The Waste Framework Directive introduces recycling and re-use targets for municipal waste, including bio-waste, of 55% by weight in 2025. These targets will increase to 60% and 65% in 2030 and 2035, respectively. All bio-waste shall be collected separately from other waste streams by the end of 2023. From 2027, only bio-waste separately collected or separated at source will be counted as recycled.

The European Compost Network also welcomes the consideration of specific recycling targets for municipal and industrial bio-waste. However, as long as these targets are not in place, it is important that the European Commission exercises on a regular basis its obligation to assess and share best practices of effective bio-waste management and to draw up recommendations for Member States lagging behind.


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