Applied Materials purchases former Sunny D manufacturing plant

The 8-ACRE compound with 60,000 sq. ft. building will provide six new plastic recycling jobs.
Christine Becker,
Christine Becker,

Applied Materials Trading, LLC (AMT), a leader in plastic recycling and distribution services, today announced that it has nearly completed the renovation of the former Sunny Delight manufacturing plant. Having sat vacant for nearly 10 years, the facility in Mount Dora, Florida (just outside of Orlando), was purchased by AMT eight months ago. The property will serve as AMT’s new headquarters beginning June 2018.

“It took a bit of creative vision to restore this property and bring it to its new condition, but we’re pleased to bring an environmentally conscious business -and numerous jobs- to this community,” stated Casey Villamil, CEO, Applied Materials Trading.  “As a business, having both a plastic and paper recycling plant allows us to service multiple scrap streams from our customers while giving them a one-stop recycling solution.”

The company invested $2 million dollars in refurbishing the old factory. The new facility will require the company to add at least six new local jobs to its current plastic recycling team.  The new facility will be home to its large material handling shredding and grinding lines as well as several other grinding, pelletizing, de-dusting, de-metalizing lines.
This move marks the latest achievement in a string of several recent high-performing years. Since the company was formed by Casey Villamil in 2012, the company has grown to be one of Florida’s premier plastic and paper recycling companies.  AMT anticipates the new facility will allow the company to recycle 24 million pounds of plastic per year.

In addition to the new headquarters, AMT supports a pelletizing line in south Florida where the company focuses on manufacturing LDPE, HDPE and PP repro for domestic and international customers.


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