New ash and metals recycling plant from Meldgaard

In March 2018, Meldgaard has opened their newest Ash Recycling and Heavy Metal processing plant in Kolding (Denmark) which provides ‘State of the Art Cutting Edge Solutions to handle ever growing International requirements.

With Meldgaard processing more than 1.2 million tonnes of Waste-to-Energy ash per year from operations in Europe and the United States, Meldgaard is seeing a growing demand for cleaner ash aggregates and better metals extraction.

Key to the construction of Meldgaard’s new plant was the recognition of the increasing need to recycle ash with the removal and processing of metals.
“When constructing the plant we had 3 goals in mind: 1. To create a more homogeneous and cleaner finished ash aggregate, 2. to create a plant that extracts more than 98% of the metals in the ash and 3. to produce higher quality metals for recycling,” says Anders Hedegaard, Managing Director of Meldgaard Recycling A/S.

Municipal and Industrial waste is now at an all time high and includes a large array of metals: steel, iron and precious metals such as copper, brass, silver, gold, aluminium to name a few.

Meldgaard constructed this plant to provide a ‘Complete Ash Recycling Circle’ for all materials, and an ongoing solution to ‘Ease the Environmental Burden’ of the ever-growing need to extract new aggregates and metals from the Earth.

All metals can now be sorted in the new Plant and sent to the smelters for recycling. The resulting Ash aggregate is then sold for use in construction and road projects where it can replace virgin materials such as sand and sub-base. This leads to cost reduction in the construction projects as well as reduces the burden on extraction of natural raw materials.


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