Carbios speeds up PET hydrolysis

Carbios has announced new results in the optimization of its biorecycling process of waste PET plastics. The hydrolysis of PET plastics into their original building-blocks now reaches a conversion rate of 97% in only 16 hours.
Wolfgang Floedl,

Last April, CARBIOS had already divided by three the time of PET hydrolysis by achieving a conversion rate of 97% in 24 hours. By pursuing the optimization of its proprietary enzymes, with the teams of the Laboratory of Biological Systems and Process Engineering (LISBP) and Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB), Carbios reaches a high conversion rate in the enzymatic recycling of waste PET plastics. These results come along with the PET hydrolysis scale-up at pilot stage, which is now carried out in a reactor of 1,000 liters, in collaboration with CRITT Bio-Industries.


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