First RDF shipment from Italy to Scandinavia

Norwegian recycling company Geminor becomes the first to handle shipment of Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) from Italy to Denmark.
RDF cargo from Italy arrives at port in Sjelland, Denmark.

On 17. December, a ship carrying Refuse-Derived Fuel from Italy reached port in Sjelland, Denmark. The test shipment, consisting of 2,369 tonnes of sorted household waste RDF from Naples, is the first ever waste fuels export from Italy to the Scandinavian market. The shipment constitutes a milestone for both Geminor and the industry.

Chief Operating Officer at Geminor, Ralf Schöpwinkel, comments: „Geminor is the first to implement RDF delivery from Italy to Scandinavia, and we are happy to see that the first project has been successful. The quality of the logistics process has been high and the public waste company in Naples has delivered good quality bales.“

Until now, countries surrounding the Mediterranean has not been a priority to Geminor. However, in a constantly changing market it is important to consider and test several alternative suppliers outside northern Europe.

„The UK marked has delivered secondary fuels to off-takers in the Nordics for some time now, but with Brexit coming there are uncertainties regarding the future flow of RDF. At present the Italians have a big surplus of household waste, and the nearest off-takers are currently found in the Nordics. That makes Italy a market we will continue to develop in the future“, says Schöpwinkel


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