Strong magnets improve recovery and separation of stainless steels

The Steinert MSB HG rotary magnetic belt separator is an enhancement of the Steinert MSB for recovering stainless steel content from bulky materials within recycling processes.

High-grade stainless steel of various grain sizes and content can be found in many material recovery and shredder processes. Deploying strong magnets at the right places in the system allows greater yields of stainless steel to be recovered. Strong magnets also protect downstream shredding machines in e.g. plastic recycling and aluminium recycling from increased wear caused by the separation of stainless steel content.

The Steinert MSB HG (high gradient) enhancement comprises very strong ring magnets, which recover high yields of stainless steel. A high dense magnet pack in a compact radial pole arrangement ensures an optimum combination of magnetic flux and magnetic force coupled with a high depth of field. Depending on the application and sortable material, appropriate machine configuration options ensure the best possible result.

Typical applications include recovering and separating stainless steel from:

  • Shredder residue (SHF/ASR and SLF) after the eddy current separator
  • Heavy fractions of wet dense media separation (DMS)
  • Pre-shredded aluminium and light metal scrap before downstream shredding (machine protection)
  • Ash from waste incineration downstream, drop of eddy current separator
  • Shredded plastic flakes, milled materials and granulates


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